Thanisandra School Gets Child Friendly Playground

KHUSHII has implemented the Shikshaantra Plus programme in the Thanisandra Government High School and the Government Model Primary School. The school is located at Rachenahalli Main Road, Thanisandra, Bengaluru.

We designed the Shikshaantra Plus model to combine educational development & physical development. This would enable a comprehensive and all-round growth of the children. Hence a good playground is as important as good classrooms for the success of the programme.

At the Thanisandra school, the high school students and the students from the primary school, both shared a common playground. As the high school students occupied the ground during the day, the primary students could only have access after school hours. The children would stay on after school to play and only return home late in the evenings. This was a cause for concern for parents as in the absence of supervisors, the children were at considerable risk.

We decided that an alternate playground must be installed to resolve the issue, which would be accessible to the primary school students during the school hours. The school staff would be present at all times to supervise the children. We swiftly obtained the required permissions from the local authorities. With our corporate partner KPMG supporting us, we initiated the work of re-creating the playground. We used recycled materials like old tires and painted them in bright colors. This gave the playground a very cheerful and positive ambience. The children and their parents were delighted to see the changes made to the playground.

Thanks to generous donors like you, KHUSHII is helping provide a safe and healthy playground for the children of Thanisandra. There are many more children like them. They are denied access to basic facilities for their growth, because of the lack of adequate resources.

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  • By Team Di
  • October 23, 2020
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