Khushii NGO Rekindles Neetu’s Lost Interest In Studies

An appropriate physical environment, without any distraction, is critical to learning. Unfortunately for Neetu, a class IX student, she did not have such privilege at home. Belonging to a marginalized family, her living conditions were poor and the added responsibility of doing her share of family chores only made her lose interest in studies. She could not focus on learning for more than half an hour. Luckily, she was enrolled in KHUSHII’s remedial classes.

A counselor worked with her to improve her concentration and retention, for over two weeks. The effort has now paid off. Neetu can study with full concentration for hours at a stretch and her confidence is improving.

Your support will ensure that these children receive the benefits of our endeavor to pursue their dreams.

  • Success Stories
  • By Team Di
  • November 18, 2020
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