As many of you are aware, the Art & Events Team at KHUSHII, are known to create interesting, interactive and conceptually unique activities for our donors and patrons. Over the years, many of you have participated in these initiatives and lent your support. Our aim through our Art & Events fundraisers has been to give back to our patrons and supporters, by not only having the satisfaction and goodwill associated with helping someone less privileged through their generosity, but also to take home a tangible memory with them – to remind them of the smiles they have painted on the faces of KHUSHII’s beneficiaries, and the brighter futures they have helped build.

Recent Events

Beyond the Pitch Interaction with WeWork

WeWork collaborated with KHUSHII to have a live interactive session on ‘Stories Beyond the Pitch’ with our Chairman Emeritus Mr Kapil Dev & President Mr. Rudra Dalmia. It was well received all over social media and propagated the timely intervention and KHUSHII’s impact during the 2nd wave.

The Moon Series by Madhuri Bhadhuri

Artist Madhuri Bhaduri’s online exhibition, in association with Face Magazine, caused an online uproar. We had a live interaction on Instagram with the artist, Rasik Chopra from our Advisory Board and Sukhmani Sadana (Editor of Face Magazine).

Madhuri Bhaduri’a canvases overflow with tranquility and their marvellous grandeur pause, contemplate and lose themselves in the beauty of the piece. A heartiest thank you to Madhuri Bhaduri, KHUSHII is so proud to have your association.

Legacies of India by Nidhi Shekhawat

The next online exhibition featured Nidhi Shekhawat’s beautiful motifs telling stories about the era of excellence of Indian history which is full of richness, culture, heritage. Fine design details with the fascinating time period visual were weaved together in her art works, creating a kaleidoscopic image of our glorious past. We are extremely grateful for the constant support of our patrons and artists, who made these shows such a success for KHUSHII’s beneficiaries, and a very special thank you to Nidhi Shekhawat for coming forward once again for KHUSHII.

The Amalgamationsk

An Art Fundraiser with a difference – ‘The Amalgamations’ – held in October ‘21 was a compilation of KHUSHII’s most popular art showcases curated over the last 15 years. A variety of Upcoming, Established, Contemporary, Traditional & Master artists from our popular shows Artloot, The Cluster Collection, Strokes of Perfection & The Masters Collection were all brought together at affordable prices, during the festive season.

WhatsApp Artloot - Artists for Uttarakhand

KHUSHII’s trademark fundraising concept, the famous, WhatsApp Artloot was started in 2008 and is conceptually tweaked over the years, such that each Artloot has a sense of individuality, incredibly low prices and a wonderful element of surprise – all of which adds to it resounding success.

In Feb ‘22, funds raised through Artloot helped build well-being wellbeing centres ‘Manoshakti’ and start schools in Uttarakhand. During the floods KHUSHII also came forward to build pathway roads.


In an effort to give voice to 200 young girls to be empowered, employable and hence become contributing members of the society, the Israel Embassy, European Union, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium came forward in March ‘22, to believe in us and provide a platform for KHUSHII to take the initiative forward.

Designer Sahil Kochhar, put his heart and soul by designing beautiful dresses for young girls from economically disadvantaged communities. They walked the ramp to embark on their journey towards becoming strong, independent women by creating their own space and voice. The proceeds from the sale of these dresses went towards the holistic growth of 200 girl youths in the North West community in Delhi. We are supremely proud of our confident KHUSHII girls who were truly inspiring on the ramp.

2019 was host to a number of events, some of the key events included:

The Cluster Collection

What set this exquisite concept aside, was that instead of one large artwork which occupies a full space, multiple small artworks by the same artist create stunning compositions of art with canvases and frames of varied sizes.

The S Factor

The curation of Art for The S Factor was an eclectic mix of stunning sculptures, vibrant canvases and intricately decorative wall-hangings. The Art, was displayed in a fluid manner, with the entire ground floor of the DLF Emporio Mall being transformed into a fantastic art walkthrough.

The Artists included in the showcase were not only the Senior Masters of the Indian Art Fraternity, but also exciting, new-age artists who are becoming increasingly popular in India and Internationally for their unique styles and striking creations. What did these artists have in common? Their names started with the Letter S!

With the onset of an unforeseen global pandemic (COVID-19) in 2020, the 2019-20 events calendar inevitably had to be seriously reconsidered and some of our fundraising initiatives unfortunately had to be put on hold.

The Art & Events team also initiated the second edition of KHUSHII’s highly successful signature property wherein we publish a coffee table book featuring some of the most eminent brothers and sisters, captured on film by the country’s greatest photographers. This beautiful portrait captures the eternal bond of love, holds a place of pride on your wall and also helps raise money for a good cause.

A cause of ‘Establishing Gender Harmony’ and creating transformational attitude change, through value-based education - especially in underprivileged backgrounds and communities. This edition of the Coffee Table Book was to celebrate the bond between siblings.

Though we were successful in kick started this edition of our fundraiser in early 2020, with a great deal of support from our participating patrons, we were compelled to put our photo-shoots on hold due to the pandemic and hence, delay the launch of the Book for better and safer times. Besides our inexhaustible urge to continue supporting our beneficiaries, this event is important and close to our hearts, as it truly captures a moment in time, a wonderful memory and the chance to look back on beautiful bond that one shares with their family.

We thank our participating patrons for their understanding and patience, and we cannot wait to kick off our Post-Covid physical Events with a magnificent culmination of all the stories of Timeless Portraits of Love, celebrating life, togetherness and the spirit of giving.

Like the rest of the world, KHUSHII too adapted to the new normal, and the team have since been working in overdrive to ensure we stick to our duties towards our beneficiaries, now taking our events online.

As always, Art has been at the forefront of our fundraising events, and we are extremely fortunate that one of our most popular and annual trademarked property, WhatsApp Artloot was already conducted on a virtual platform.

Whatsapp Artloot

Our trademark ‘Whatsapp Artloot’ (an online Art Sale of discounted Art) has consistently brought KHUSHII immense goodwill and significant successes.

2020 saw 3 highly appreciated WhatsApp Artloot Sales, with our annual edition held in February 2020. We then put together two additional WhatsApp Art sales during the pandemic to help tide things over.

A grand “Whatsapp Artloot” sale for the ‘Khushii Relief Fund’ was held on 10th June 2020, to support underprivileged families effected by COVID-19 as well as support to front-line workers. We saw an overwhelming response from our patrons, and the artists too came forward with even more generosity and incredible enthusiasm, so a very big thank you, to the backbone of our Khushii fundraising events.

The October 2020 WhatsApp Artloot was curated with a lot of care. For the first time, KHUSHII connected with the International Art World in a bigger way, and successful partnered with international artists and patrons to be able to showcase some of the biggest names in the International Art Circuit, including Damien Hirst and Anish Kapoor. The showcase was a very specially curated mix of international Art, Indian Contemporary Art, as well as extremely select Masters, with some brilliant artists sharing some of their best works with KHUSHII for this initiative.

As the pandemic continues, we have decided it is critical for the Art & Events Team to ensure we are constantly working at full-acceleration and ensure we shift gears as required, to help continue running Khushii’s projects, support these students and their families, plus support many, many more who are coming our way in these difficult times.

KHUSHII”s next WhatsApp Artloot is scheduled for 14th & 15th February 2021 – do put a splash of colour on your calendars and Save the Date!

Upcoming Events and Fundraisers:

Art in a Box

A limited edition promotional initiative, and a concept which celebrates our Artist Family, a KHUSHII collaboration with the Entertainment Design Company (EDC): Art in A Box, a very exclusive opportunity for our buyers to bring the beauty of art into their homes, this time in a different and unique form.

WhatsApp Artloot: Home Design

KHUSHII”s next WhatsApp Artloot is scheduled for 14th & 15th February 2021 and this time the curation takes inspiration from KHUSHII’s well-known concept: Art Beyond the Canvas. Please do put a splash of colour on your calendars and do save the date for us!

The Khushii Marketplace

Look forward to the launch of KHUSHII’s E-commerce site with handpicked products and gifts for our patrons to choose from – a chance to #ShopForACause online with KHUSHII.

For our art collectors and special buyers, we are pleased to announce that we shall also be launching our online Art Portal, The Art Marketplace in April 2021, with an exclusive online auction conducted by Christies, who’s first association with KHUSHII was in 2006. We are fine tuning our ideas to optimise the experience for our buyers to ensure you all have a “close to real life”, exhilarating art experience albeit virtually

KHUSHII’s Iconic Trademark Events:

India on Canvas

Art has always played a significant role in our fundraising events – thanks to our Chief Patron, Mr. Aman Nath, who introduced us to the glorious world of art soon after Khushii’s inception.

This led to the conceptualisation of India on Canvas - Khushii’s best-known art fundraiser -which was held for the first time in 2006. This is a unique format/endeavor where eminent personalities and artists collaborate and share a canvas to create spectacular artwork auctioned by Christies and Sotheby’s over the years, to raise funds for our NGO and our current and giteming programmes/initiatives.

We have also developed an edition of India on Canvas, for our younger patrons, India on Canvas Junior, where we give the younger generation a chance to share a canvas with some of the leading artists in India, leaving them with memories to last a lifetime.


Khushii’s famous Artloot format is our most popular and exciting fundraising concept. A property which was started, and trademarked, in 2008

– the Artloot Concept has been tweaked by Khushii over the years, such that each Artloot has a sense of individuality, incredibly low prices and a wonderful element of surprise – all of which adds to it resounding success.

From Lucky Drawers, Raffles, Silent Auctions and our most successful, “WhatsApp Artloot” where we carry out our entire Sale on WhatsApp – Khushii’s Artloot has done it all, and is model which many have attempted to replicate.


An exclusive collaboration with luxury brands, like TOD’s, where we hold a charity sale, with brands offering products at special discounts and part proceedings of the sale are graciously donated to Khushii.

Timeless Portraits of Love - Captured by Khushii

A highly successful signature property of Khushii, ‘Timeless Portraits of Love’ – a photography coffee table book, showcased the bond between fathers and daughters in honor of the ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Yojana’ in 2016. Donations were made by top families of India and abroad to the cause and photographed by eminent photographers to be put down in history as patrons of the arts and humanity in our beautiful coffee table book.

The Art Caravan

The Art Caravan is Khushii’s “Pop-Up Art Exhibition”, each edition is hosted in a different city and includes carefully curate exclusive art and art forms which are extremely unique and unavailable in the Host City. The last edition was held in Hyderabad and presented by Deccan Chronicle with over 250 artworks by over 100 artists showcased.

KHUSHII’s Past Events:

Tambola with Pammi Aunty

The fun and quirky, Social Media craze, Pammi Aunty was the host of this very interactive and special evening, where the winners of the Tambola won exclusive prices ranging from trips booked at exclusive luxury hotels, exquisite designer jewelry, wonderfully creative forms of usable art curated by the top designers in India and much more…

Arty Autos

Some of the leading artists in India came together to, as one may guess from the name, put an artistic twist on the auto-rickshaws of Delhi, where the popular tagline was: “Bada hoke main truck banoonga”. These glamorous automobiles were then auctioned to Khushii’s giteming beneficiaries.

The Art Stories

Ranging across 7 days, The Art Stories is a uniquely conceptualised exhibition of artworks. New themes and scintillating works were kept on display each day of the exhibition keeping in mind all budgets and styles.

The Grand Art Sale

Hosted by Board Member Tarana Sawhney, our Art Afficianado, this sale included some of the biggest names of the art fraternity and their one-of-a-kind works available at special discounted prices.

A Summer Night’s Dream

This solo show of the contemporary maestro that is Ranbir Kaleka was held in New Delhi and Mumbai and featured 9 never-before-seen artworks and their different editions in different formats, fit for any space and style to add a touch of class and artistic mastery


To express your interest, or to know more about anything related to Art and Events, please feel free to reach out to Vandana Toora

[email protected]