Khushii NGO Helps Rashid To Rediscover The Joy Of Classes And Classmates

Young Rashid lives with his parents in Village Rajpura and is a student of Class V. Both his parents have to work to earn about 10,000 rupees a month. Hence there was no supervision at home and Rashid used to skip school regularly. Observing his absenteeism, KHUSHII’s counsellors called his parents to school and came to know that they were unaware of his missing school. Our counsellors then highlighted the benefits of schooling to both Rashid and his parents.

Team KHUSHII kept a close eye on Rashid and regularly counselled him to develop his interest in studies. Understanding that Rashid did not enjoy studies, they introduced Super Saturdays which included fun activities to make education enjoyable for children like Rashid. Along with studies, the team also worked on behavioural aspects like gender sensitisation, social skills and creating bonds with fellow students.

Soon enough, Rashid started enjoying his classes and spending time with his classmates. Over the last few months, his attendance grew to 95% and to crown it all, he also stood 2nd in his Class V final exams. Thanks to generous donors like you, KHUSHII has helped Rashid to overcome his disinterest in school. However, there are many more Rashids from vulnerable families who need our help.

Your support will ensure that they benefit from our endeavours and reap the rewards of education.

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  • By Team Di
  • November 13, 2020
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