Swatantra Shikshaantra

KHUSHII NGO - Remedial Education Program

In 2006, the Swatantra Shikhaantra centre was established in L1, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi as a response to the high rate of drop-outs in the urban community. KHUSHII traced this down to factors such as poor foundational skills, lack of access to quality teaching, safe infrastructure or even nutritious meals. An empty stomach never devoured much knowledge!

We set up a safe space for providing quality academic engagement to academically weak students (grades 1-10) from BPL families providing them remedial education support along with nutritious mid-day meals, health camps and regular counselling sessions. Our successes in Sangam Vihar became a foundation for our nationwide programmes and the flagship school now serves as a laboratory for continued programme development.


  • 15000 children benefitted

  • 60% girl

  • 1-10 Grade covered

  • 2,040,0000 nutritious
    mid-day meals served

  • 4% reduction in
    dropout rates.

  • 75% improvement
    in parental engagement

  • *Last Year

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