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KHUSHII, together with other development partners such as corporates, individuals and Government, stands strong with each one who is affected by the Coronavirus in India. Our response to this situation is setting up the KHUSHII Relief Fund which together with your support is a well-coordinated effort to rebuild families for the betterment of the children of our nation.


UNESCO estimates that a prolonged break from school could double the number of out-of-school children to 24 million.

Around 14 crore Indians lost employment during the lockdown. More than 45% households across the nation reported an income drop as compared to the previous year [CMIE].

In India over 1 lakh healthcare workers have been infected by the pandemic due to excessive COVID-19 exposure and lack of PPE.

Immediately after lockdown  KHUSHII got to work, mapping the contact information of our students and their families so we could get in touch with them, understand their needs, and help meet those needs as quickly and meaningfully as possible. KHUSHII saw the need to set up a special relief fund to meet the unique needs, through which we ensured the continuity of online classes, and provided economic and health support. KHUSHII continues to assess the situation so as to provide the most pertinent support possible.

The KHUSHII COVID RELIEF FUND has been providing


School curriculum based Blended Learning programme, which has supported 35000+ students already in their academic pursuits and mental wellbeing


PPE kits for frontline healthcare workers 10000+ comprehensive suits distributed already


Support to displaced or distressed families during the pandemic 1000+ families have been supported so far