8.1 million children
are out of school

- UNICEF, India


KHUSHII NGO – Sponsor A Child For Education

95% of Indian children attend primary school but barely 55% of them end up reaching higher secondary school. The most recent ASER report also shows that learning levels in Government- run primary schools are alarmingly low. This implies that almost half the children drop out after 8 years of elementary education, without acquiring minimum acceptable foundational skills.

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KHUSHII’s core area of expertise lies in remedial education where we deliver targeted academic support to weaker students to mainstream them and help rebuild their engagement in school. Furthermore, we take a holistic approach by impacting school climate, infrastructure, emotional wellbeing, extracurricular and sports.


Our multidimensional and long term approach allows us to be a part of the child’s development journey from the early to later stages. We also engage with stakeholders such as teachers, government bodies, parents and communities, to bring about sustainable change, keeping in mind academic interests as well as the emotional and physical needs of the learners.



Swatantra Shikshaantra

KHUSHII NGO - Remedial Education Program

In 2006, the Swatantra Shikhaantra centre in Devli, Sangam Vihar was established with an aim to provide remedial education to children with learning difficulties in English, Mathematics and Science.


Shikshaantra Plus

KHUSHII NGO - Supporting Child Education

Recent survey analyses have shown that learning levels in Government run primary schools have remained consistently low. More alarming is the fact that almost half the children drop out after 8 years of elementary education, without




year 2019-20

  • 6 RO systems

    installed in schools to provide safe drinking water

  • 5 STEM labs

    established in schools to support Science and Math learning for students

  • 94 classrooms

    were painted

  • 45 Toilets

    were constructed or repaired

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