KHUSHII Helps Uneducated Youth To Earn A Respectable Livelihood

Gaurav, an eighteen-year-old from a village in Khatawali of Rewari district in Haryana, is among the thirty youth who trained under KHUSHII initiated Skill Development Course in 2021 in partnership with AECOM.

Gaurav’s life was not the same before he enrolled in KHUSHII’s Skill Development Course supported by AECOM. Gaurav hails from a poor economic background; his parents could not afford proper education. He had little hope of finding a decent job to earn money to support himself and his father, a labourer and his mother, a housewife.

“KHUSHII made my life better” – Gaurav

Life took a pleasant turn after Gaurav enrolled in a motor winding course as part of our skill development initiative. Today after completing the course, Gaurav is skilled in providing repair and maintenance services for electrical appliances such as ceiling fans, coolers, butter churners, washing machines, single-phase motors, and electrical fittings.

With almost no hope of earning a decent livelihood, Gaurav today is looked up to in his community as a responsible young person who makes between Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000 from a respectable job and happily assists his family with finances.

KHUSHII, with its on-ground presence and commitment to helping improve the lives of children and youth of our country, identifies areas and communities to implement its holistic solutions for bringing hope and happiness.

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  • By Team Di
  • August 9, 2022
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