(Sexual Health & Reproductive Education)

The Covid19 pandemic has hit us in the strangest of ways. With lockdown in effect, there has been an unprecedented rise in domestic violence, sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancy. KHUSHII, in its extended Covid Response efforts is now looking for gender sensitive volunteers who are determined to ignite a change in the mindset and ensuing action of the society.

We are looking for active participants who are willing to engage with anganwadi workers and survivors of the underserved communities. For more details, drop in your CV and a short note on why we should select you to [email protected]


KITE KHUSHII Instructors Teaching English

Volunteer Programme: Teach and Learn

The initiative focuses on promoting volunteerism and imparting spoken English skills to the lesser equipped. The aim is to reach out to students through engaging and interactive modes of learning- role plays, games and presentations. We hope that with the skills and motivation volunteers give them, students pursue higher education and get well paid jobs that often require English language skills.


To teach spoken English and develop the vernacular as well as enable the students to face an enlarged globalised society.

To boost their confidence to express themselves in real life situations using a bank of words and phrases.


We at KHUSHII believe that volunteering is one of the best ways for compassionate and enthusiastic individuals to make a difference. Our programs last between two to twelve weeks depending upon the level of commitment our volunteers wish to make. Teaching is an opportunity to discover one’s potential and get an alternate perspective.