Khushii NGO Recharges Mohini’s Flagging Spirits

A student of class 7, Mohini lives with her elder brother and step-brother in Faridabad. Disheartened by her step-father’s callous behavior, Mohini had lost all interest in life and dejection was her constant companion. In her mind, every negative situation in her life rooted from the harsh relationship she shared with her step-father.

Desperate, she turned to a counselor from Khushii and unburdened herself. She shared all of her concerns and hardships with the counselor. After a few rounds of counseling, our counselor proposed Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Art Therapy to counter her fixation and chanelize her energy towards more positive subjects.

After ten sessions of therapy, Mohini is well on her way to lead a normal childhood. She is more capable than ever to channelize her thoughts. Mohini has now started keen taking interest in studies and has started to mix well with her peers.

Khushii is delighted to see this positive shift in her painting!

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  • By Team Di
  • October 23, 2020
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