Tailoring Her Own Future

Meet Sarla, a home-maker from Harchandpur village, Bhiwadi, never thought life would give her another chance. She was living a normal life, with a meagre income of Rs 4,000-4,500, the chances to break free from the monotony seemed bleak.

Back in her school days when she was in class 8, she got a diploma on sewing. But never after that did she get any prospect to continue with her passion. After many years of waiting, finally an opportunity came her way and she got another chance of reviving her skill by joining Khushii’s skill development program. This was an opportune moment for her and she delivered her best. She became the topper of her batch and Khushii rewarded her efforts by gifting her with a sewing machine and a course completion certificate. This brought a new ray of hope in her life. Thereon, she started her own tailoring work shop.

Her newly acquired skills & enthusiasm got her to increase her family income two-folds. Not only is her husband supportive and proud of her independence, she is also able to accomplish her dream to educate her two daughters, and see them succeed.

It’s not just the skill, but the mind-set change that help Sarla achieve her goals and follow her passion.

  • Success Stories
  • By Team Di
  • October 23, 2020
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