Khushii NGO Helps Abhishek Overcome Learning Issues And Regain Confidence

Young Abhishek comes from an underprivileged background and studies in Class VIII in a Government school. While he was very enthusiastic and active in extracurricular activities, he was struggling in academics, particularly English. An attention deficit problem further added to his lack of grasp and his teachers gave up on him as a dull student. Lack of self-confidence turned him into an introvert and he avoided interacting with his peers.

Post KHUSHII’s intervention, our teachers spent a lot of time with him and built up his confidence. We encouraged him to interact more with his fellow classmates and make new friends. Leveraging his interest in extracurricular activities, our teachers increased his participation in painting and music. This helped in developing his learning abilities.

Abhishek soon started responding to our intervention. He is now more vocal about his academic problems and also has made new friends. He now looks forward to studies and is more responsive in class. His parents, as well as teachers, are pleasantly surprised at the change and we all are confident that he will turn into a bright student in the coming months.

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  • By Team Di
  • October 23, 2020
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