Khushii NGO Implemented the Shikshaantra Plus Program in Government Primary School

About a year back, the Government Primary School at Harchandpur village in Bhiwadi was on the verge of closing due to low student numbers. Substandard infrastructure, lack of teachers and poor access roads were some of the reasons people avoided sending their children to the school.

In February 2017, Khushii implemented the Shikshantra Plus programme at the school. Our intervention made a slew of changes. These include renovation of classrooms, provision of floor mats & providing clean drinking water and washroom facilities. Khushii has also arranged for four additional teachers and a housekeeping steward. We also persuaded the local authorities to build a new approach road.

Along with capacity building, our Project Coordinators also campaigned with community members to send their children to the school. All our efforts bore fruit, and today the number of students has gone up from 56 to 292. The children’s academic performance has also shot up remarkably. There is even a plan to upgrade the school to middle school.

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  • By Team Di
  • October 23, 2020
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