The Art Of Turning A Weakness Into A Strength

Rahul, a grinning 7 year old boy studies in class III in Sangam Vihar, Delhi. He lives with his mother and maternal grandparents in the nearby slum. His parents are separated, and his sister lives with his father. Rahul is the only hope of good future for his mother, she is raising him with great difficulty.

Anger and hypersensitive behaviour were dominant in Rahul at School. Though gifted with an active and sharp mind, he was not using his potential. His school teacher often had complaints about him.

The mother was perplexed. She turned up to KHUSHII’s counsellor provided in the school under Shikshaantra Plus programme providing Remedial Education. The counsellor identified his hyper sensitivity towards tactile stimulation. The counsellor then prepared an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) tailored to Rahul’s needs. This planning helped his teachers and mother understand the kind of support required for the success of this journey.

For the next 3 months, regular 45 minutes long sessions were taken to develop his behavioural capacities. Soon after these interactive sessions, his cognitive, social and emotional behaviour started to develop.

With intensive efforts put in place and continuous counselling sessions, Rahul is now reintegrated with class mates again and his teacher appreciated the noticeable changes in Rahul.

Today Rahul is more patient, sits in the class quietly, puts in his efforts in academics and has also been showing enhancement in overall behaviour. This pleasant change in his behaviour was also observed at home, he shows more affection towards his mother. He had a lot of potential; training was required so that his energy is being put in a productive way. This channelizing of energy and potential was facilitated by KHUSHII.

Now Rahul’s mother is also gratified that the efforts have borne fruit. No longer is she sulking about her fate. She is a satisfied woman impressed by the progress made by her little son.

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  • By Team Di
  • October 23, 2020
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