Problem Statement

Individuals with disabilities report experiencing mental distress more frequently than adults without disabilities. They are impacted not just by their physical condition, but also by related psychological, and sociological factors as well as factors associated with societal acceptance. There is, therefore, a need to create spaces within society that view individuals as whole and complete, regardless of their limitations.

An environment that celebrates individuality and views its inhabitants holistically is essential for their wellbeing and development.

Manoshakti - My Moment of Joy

“Manoshakti: My Moment of Joy”, is a programme geared towards providing a positive social recreational space for individuals to maximise their potential. It aims at meeting the mental health needs of differently-abled and socially disadvantaged individuals in India.

Through this project, we hope to create support systems across the country that promote the social integration and emotional well-being of its members. Our primary motivation is to give every individual a safe space to experience and express their ‘moment of joy’

“Manoshakti is a quest for happiness - happiness that comes from forming lasting human connections.”


Our aim is to weave a self-sustaining network within the community that can serve as a life-long source of support for our beneficiaries. Through our group sessions we aspire to:

Celebrate diversity and differences in abilities

Alleviate mental distress

Encourage agency and autonomy in the community

Impart socio-emotional learning and psychoeducation

Enhance spiritual awareness

Create opportunities for self-expression and development

Instil a sense of hope and optimism in the community

Our Philosophy

We at KHUSHII strongly believe that each individual has something unique to offer. Regardless of our differences- in our abilities, our circumstances, or our choices- we all bring something valuable to the table.

To realize our potential as individuals, we all need to feel accepted for who we are. Accepting each other’s individuality and treating everyone with dignity is essential for our well-being and that of society at large.

“Manoshakti acknowledges that our differences make us stronger."

We target the mental health needs of our community through a holistic service. Any health condition is not only an outcome of the underlying pathology or physicality but also that of the psychological and sociological resources at one's disposal. To alleviate distress and enhance wellbeing, our strategy at Manoshakti is to expand and develop the community's psychosocial resources.

Psychosocial Effects of Disability

Psychosocial Effects of Disability

Psychosocial Effects of Disability Psychosocial Effects of Disability

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Through unconditional acceptance and empathy, our counsellors are committed to creating opportunities for self-expression and development. Our interventions will inculcate aspects of music, art, dance and other forms of recreation into a peer support session to give every individual the chance to express themselves and the joy of doing so in a supportive environment.

“Diversity is not a clinical problem but a resource worth developing”

Our Strategy

We understand that support should be a continuum of love, care, and protection that allows for the holistic wellbeing of the individual while strengthening their connections with society.

Through Manoshakti we aspire to positively influence both the individual and their social environment. Our programme will involve counsellor-facilitated peer support group sessions that will cover the following domains of support:

  • Emotional, Spiritual, and Social Wellbeing: The domain that pertains to the individual's capacity to live a full and rich life while being able to effectively take care of themselves. It also covers their ability to form and maintain connections within society.
  • Awareness: This area involves both creating self-awareness and social awareness within the community.
  • Recreation and Creative Expression: This entails recreational and creative engagement that can impact personal development and help alleviate distress.

Our Team

Our Team

Srishti Sinha

Raghav Kapoor

Shivraj Talwar

Sonam Meena

Deepali Taneja